Florida man arrested after toddler ingests his marijuana cigarette: FCSO

A Florida man will not be ‘Father of the Year’, even for a day, in one sheriff’s eyes after investigators say his 15-month-old daughter ingested his marijuana and got sick. 

Deputies with the Flagler County Sheriff's Office began investigating after the Flagler Beach Police Department told them that a man walked into their building and said his niece’s child was visiting her father at his home in Bunnell and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. The child was later sent to a pediatric hospital for additional medical treatment.

Deputies say the child was hospitalized after ingesting marijuana. 

Deputies interviewed Cody Spiegelhalter, 26, of Bunnell, at his home, which they say was in complete disarray with dog feces and urine on the floors, garbage throughout, and exposed nails and plumbing. The deputies added that there was no working air conditioner in the home. 

According to FCSO, Spiegelhalter told investigators that he rolled a marijuana cigarette for himself but set it down to go to the bathroom.

Cody Spiegelhalter mugshot courtesy of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

Cody Spiegelhalter mugshot courtesy of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office. 

When he came back, detectives say he told them that his daughter had eaten most of it. He said he took her to the hospital when she began having medical issues. 

While speaking with Spiegelhalter, deputies said they saw loose marijuana all over the home, within reach of a toddler. Deputies said a small amount of mushroom and THC wax were also in plain view. 

"This could have had a tragic ending. Thankfully, this child was removed from this very unhealthy environment," said Sheriff Rick Staly. "Based on his irresponsibility, this guy will never be Father of the Year or even for a day, and he will be spending time at the Green Roof Inn where he belongs."

Spiegelhalter was arrested for child neglect without great bodily harm.

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