Golfer jumped into pond, tried to save woman being attacked by alligators: 911 calls

Golfers called 911 after seeing a woman fall into an alligator-infested pond at Boca Royale Golf and Country Club in Sarasota last week.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office released some of the audio from those 911 calls, days after Rose Marie Wiegand was attacked and killed by two alligators.

It happened Friday evening. Golfers saw Wiegand fall into the pond behind her home inside the Englewood golf community.

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While she was in the water, the man who called 911 said he saw two alligators grab her.

The woman was not alive when first responders pulled her from the pond.

The 911 caller, who stated he was in his 70s, jumped in the water but had to get out for his own safety.

"I was playing the 6th hole and this lady was across the water. It looked like she was trimming the edge, and she fell in. She was screaming… I tried to get to her, and she went under. I just couldn’t find her," the man said on the recording.

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Paramedics were also sent to help him after he reported having chest pains.

The medical examiner said Wiegand died from injuries she experienced during the attack.