Gov. Scott tours flooded areas in Pasco Co.

During a tour of damaged areas, Gov. Rick Scott says his office is working to determine which state and federal aid programs may be available to help fix the damage that may wind up totaling in the millions of dollars.

"You feel sorry for these families," Scott said.

The roads in Elfers and Tanglewood Terrace are crumbling away and have an almost spongy feel to them.

The county administrator says they may cost several million dollars to fix.

In order to get federal aid, the damage has to meet certain thresholds.

"It will take several days to determine that," said the governor. "As we are able to assess the damage, we can figure out how we get these people back to work, whether it is fixing roads, or if they have any damage, there is a variety of programs, some at the state and some at the federal."

Pasco County has also opened several shelters for those forced from their homes.

At the Presbyterian Church in Holiday, 39 people were checked in, including Margaret Surrena of Suncoast Gateway.

"There was water, I had to wade out in boots and it was up to my knees," she said. "I have lived here 20 something years. This is more water than we ever had before. I may not have anything left."

The sheriff says they have rescued 479 people from flooded areas.