Heartbroken dog mom searching for beloved missing pet mistakenly given to woman claiming to know owner

Scouring neighborhood security cameras, calling veterinarians and rescues, and posting more than 100 missing dog posters, Ashley Kelly has spent the last three days doing everything to track down her beloved dog, Carlotta.

"I’ve done everything I can, absolutely everything I can," Kelly told Fox 13 through tears. "I’m just desperate to get her back."

Sunday night, she was visiting friends in Seminole Heights, near the Nebraska Avenue Publix.

"She was right next to me and then she wasn’t," Kelly said. "She just disappeared so fast."

She and her friends spent hours looking for Carlotta, and the next day, when she was posting missing dog flyers, she says a woman asked if that was her dog.

"She explained that she had found my dog right here, just running along," Kelly said. "She had turned this corner and her and her husband got out and went and picked up my little dog, and as they picked her up, a woman pulled up behind them and said, ‘That’s my friend’s dog Gucci.’ And they didn’t question it, and they gave her the dog."

The woman did, however, take video of the dog being handed over. 

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"The woman, for whatever reason, decided to film, so I have a video of the woman’s face," Kelly said. 

Tampa Police are looking at it as part of their investigation to try and identify her.

Kelly says she’s still holding out hope the woman was mistaken but, she said Carlotta has a tag with her phone number on it. 

"I just don’t know why she wouldn’t call me," she said. 

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Though she doesn’t want to press charges, Kelly filed a police report with Tampa PD and is offering a reward for any information that leads to Carlotta’s safe return.

"Intentional or not, she has taken a part of my heart out, and I feel empty without her," she shared. 

Tampa Police Department says they have no update at this time.

Kelly says she believes the woman was driving a dark-colored Mercedes 450 Coupe. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Tampa police or email Kelly at Ashley.K@hotmail.com.