Here's why Michael Myers was strolling through a Florida beach

Halloween came early this year as beach goers spotted a man dressed up as Michael Myers strolling a Florida beach over Labor Day weekend. 

Todd Easter said he was at Panama City Beach over Labor Day weekend when he spotted the masked slasher from a condo building. 

Another Myers was spotted at Clearwater beach and FOX 35 News was able to unmask the fictional horror character, and it turned out he'd been doing this for months. 

Brian Rooker, is the man behind the mask. Aside from strolling beaches as Myers, Rooker is also a scare actor at Busch Gardens in Tampa. He said he's been appearing as Michael Myers on the beach for months. He also has a partner in crime. 

Max Selig is the man behind the camera who records Rooker strolling beaches. 

"It's the shock factor if you don't necessarily notice him at first," said Selig. 

Selig said the whole experience has been a fun way for the two to spend time together. 

"We've bonded over that interaction. That's our weekly thing," said Selig. 

"It makes people smile. Simple as that," said Rooker.