High school senior running for Polk Co. School Board seat

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Growing up, Kala Tedder always thought she would run for elected office one day.

That day came much sooner than expected.

She just threw her hat into the ring to run for a seat on the Polk County School Board.

Kayla is an 18-year-old senior at George Jenkins High School. She is going after the District 3 seat now held by the incumbent Hazel Sellers.

"It's crazy," she told FOX 13. "But why not take a chance?"

Sarah Fortney, a science teacher at Stambaugh Middle School, is also vying for the spot.

Although her detractors may say that her age is a minus, she says it is actually a big plus.

"I tell them my age is one of my biggest assets in this race," she said. "I have experienced being a student recently and I know what the student experience is like these days."

Tedder wants to give students a louder voice, reduce standardized testing imposed by the district, give teachers a raise, and provide help for new ones to deal with student discipline problems.

Matthew Braly, a US history teacher says it is a win-win situation.

"If she wins, that's huge. If she loses, she is not out anything. She is 18 years old," Braley said.

The election is in August.