Images from HART bus cameras show driver's stabbing death

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Newly-released images show the final moments of Hillsborough bus driver Thomas Dunn's life on the day he was stabbed to death, allegedly by passenger Justin McGriff.

In a recent hearing, a witness to the attack, DeShawn Campbell described what happened.

"I see him stab the bus driver a few times," said Campbell.

The photos were taken from a surveillance camera inside the HART bus. They appear to show defendant Justin McGriff standing on the bus, holding on to the handrail. 

Moments later, the still image shows McGriff apparently walking towards the front of the bus. The photo shows McGriff approaching Dunn and, according to detectives, have a brief conversation with him.

Investigators say the next image shows McGriff swing a knife he is holding in his right hand, toward Dunn, slashing his throat. 

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Despite his fatal injuries, prosecutors say Dunn was able to pull the bus to the side of the road. Another image shows McGriff walk off the bus moments later.

The last photograph appears to show McGriff standing in front of a police vehicle in handcuffs.

McGriff remains in the Hillsborough County jail facing murder charges.