Lakeland drug kingpin busted

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The Polk county sheriff says for almost 15 years, a cocaine dealer dodged law enforcement while living the high life. But now his golf course community days are over.  

Federal and local investigators took him down along with 18 alleged sub-dealers and buyers in the Lakeland area.

Investigators in Polk county say Shawn "Yoshi" Bordeaux dodged them for years. This year though, they got a federal court order to tap into his cell phone, and gathered enough evidence to put him away.

Several of his associates are also jailed, including a DCF case worker and a porn star.

A four-and-a-half star championship golf course is just one of the amenities inside the gated "Eagle Brooke" community. It's the unlikely home, investigators say, of Lakeland's most elusive cocaine boss.

"You can see that he's been living large off of his drug dealing," Polk Sheriff Grady Judd proclaimed during a Friday news conference.

Bordeaux's lifestyle suddenly changed when detectives swooped down on him in the parking lot of the Lake Miriam Publix two weeks ago.

Investigators say he was there to buy $36,000 worth of cocaine from his supplier, Adrian Dunn.

The takedown came after a seven-month investigation that led to the arrests of 18 other suspects, including William Griner, a paralegal who the sheriff says ordered a drug delivery to the Polk County courthouse.

"He said, oh, I know Grady Judd, call him. Well, William , I'm sorry I hadn't had a chance to talk to you, but I've got some of my detention deputies who will ask you tonight, how's dinner going for you?" Judd told reporters.

Also arrested was Oneisha Davidson, a Department of Children and Families contractor, who the sheriff says laundered the drug money.

Other suspects include, Margaret Kirkland, a 58-year-old Habitat for Humanity employee with no criminal history, and Nicole Dennis, who allegedly told detectives she's a porn star and prostitute.

"She made the statement to the detectives when we arrested her, 'ahhh, I forgot my portable,I forgot my portable stripper pole,'" Sheriff Judd said during the press conference.

The only suspect still at large is Johnathan McKinley, who's accused of trafficking methamphetamine.

The Polk sheriff says investigators seized more than $127,000 dollars, seven guns, and five pounds of cocaine.

He also pointed out nine of the nineteen suspects in this case are on some type of public assistance.