'Lose with Lisa': Woman loses 120 pounds, becomes cheerleader for others

This year has caused plenty of people to step back and reflect on what's important and Lisa Asbell was no different. Before the pandemic hit, Asbell had already been dealing with some health issues and weight issues.

"In July of last year, I was having a knee problem," she recalled. 

She visited her doctor who did an exam and an MRI before determining that there were no problems with her knee, and that was a wakeup call.

"I was faced with the fact that the extra weight was starting to affect my health," she stated.

But, like any weight loss struggle, what to do next was a battle. There are so many options for losing weight out there, just getting started can be an ordeal all on its own.

"I actually started with starting to count the calories," she related. "I realized I was taking in too much food."

Before and after photos of Lisa Asbell.

That was the beginning. Asbell coupled her food intake with daily exercise by just getting active every day. Walking became her routine.

"I actually outwalk my dogs," she said recalling how she would walk up to five miles a day. 

Asbell had a following of people who were keeping track of her weight loss journey, so when COVID-19 hit, she naturally used that platform to encourage others to get fit and stay healthy.

"I did not want to be known as the woman who lost a hundred pounds," she recalled.

Lisa Asbell working out

She started sharing what worked for her and coaching others for how to do what she did.

"People need daily motivation and cheering," she said matter-of-factly. "They need somebody who has been there that they can ask a question to."

So Asbell became that person. She transitioned into coaching people through the life-changing lifestyle change that she went through herself.

Lisa Asbell doing Zoom coaching

To date, she's lost more than 120 pounds, and she's successfully kept it off even with the same intensity she started with a year ago; and now she's helping others do the same.

"They just need someone to tell them it's okay," she said.

To see Lisa's before and after photos and to follow her journey, you can look up her Facebook page or you can go to her website to find out more about how to get signed up for some free coaching from Lisa for your weight loss journey.


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