Man honors man's best friend by feeding hungry dogs

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A man is celebrating the life of his dog by helping feed dogs in shelters.

Kris Rotonda has been collecting food in the name of his best friend, Jordan, a former shelter dog. Jordan passed away October 1, 2018.

Now, Rotonda is stepping up his own challenge, adding a physical element to his mission.

He's going to flip and pull a large, heavy tire for 13 miles. It's a test of endurance to honor Jordan's memory.

"October 1, 2018 he passed away, nothing has been the same since," said Kris. "Been trying to piece my life back together and do something in her name."

He calls his mission Jordan's Way.

"She was a shelter dog. Ahe was very depressed and very hungry. Me and her kind of grown together for 11 years," Kris said.

He has been working out for six months to get ready for the challenge.

"It's tough. It's been a lot in terms of training, nutrition everything," Kris said.

Gym owner Joe Randolfi has been training Kris for the event.

"Thought it was great because it's a good way to go ahead and get people aware of a lot of the animals out there who need support and need additional help," Randolfi said.

His cause is leaving a lasting impression and legacy for man's best friend. Kris will be streaming the event live to 12 different shelters. The event takes place this weekend. 

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