Man killed in spearfishing accident is remembered

A Sarasota man involved in a terrible spearfishing accident has died.  21-year-old Jarrod Ditmars' parents said Wednesday afternoon he was taken off life support.

Wednesday night, family and friends gathered outside Marina Jack in Sarasota to remember a man they say filled the world with laughter.

"Jarrod made everyone smile," said Susan Atturo, Ditmars' aunt and godmother. "Just by smiling, they would smile."

They wrote notes on floating lanterns before releasing them into the night sky.

"An incredible, incredible young man," said Atturo. "Wishing him all the happiness and letting him know how much he has filled our lives with happiness and love. You can't imagine how much love he gave us."
Saturday, Sarasota Police say Ditmars was spearfishing with a friend near the Sarasota Yacht Club. Out of nowhere, his friend's gun accidentally went off, hitting Ditmars in the head with an arrow.
Wednesday, he was taken off life support.  Ditmars' parents Robert and Maribeth thanked the community for it's support, not only during Jarrod's fight, but also back in 2001, when they lost their other son Chris to cancer.

In a statement, they said, "we ask that everyone join us in our campaign to create safety measures and appropriate regulations for the use of spear guns. That  is how we can all honor Jarrod's memory."
"This family is so full of love, even in the crisis they've endured," said Cathy Hart of the Sarasota Salvation Army. "Their faith is absolutely amazing and just ask people to pray for their peace."
Jarrod gave one last gift before he passed. He was an organ donor. His family says three people in the state of Florida will receive his organs.