Manatee County train derailment: Clean-up underway; cause remains under investigation

Officials in Manatee County are still trying to determine what led up to Tuesday's train derailment that involved two propane tankers carrying thousands of gallons of fuel.

The derailment occurred near 16th Street East, near the Bradenton-Sarasota International Airport. Within the day, crews began working to clean up the site and began repairing the tracks. The owners of Seminole Gulf Railway say they could have the site cleaned up by the weekend – but it all depends on the contractor's schedule.

Captain Mike Bloski of Southern Manatee Fire Rescue told FOX 13 that officials are continuing to monitor for any leaks, but haven't found any.

"Until they get those hazardous materials out of the scene, then we will kind of drop off a little bit and let Seminole Gulf go into a full clean-up mode after that, but we are actively monitoring the scene every minute of the day," he explained.

In total, five railcars and two propane tankers were involved. According to South Manatee County Fire Rescue, one of the tankers is carrying 30,000 gallons of propane. Another, which remained upright, is also carrying propane and jumped the track during the derailment. Four cars have sheetrock.

No injuries were reported.

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Fortunately, officials said that the tanker that toppled over isn't leaking and doesn't appear to be damaged – but officials said they'll eventually have to upright it and will approach that with caution. 

Thermal imaging shows no leaks, but hazmat crews are still monitoring.

Congressman Vern Buchanan will tour the site with local officials Thursday.