Lakeland's McIntosh Power Plant imploded after more than 4 decades

The McIntosh Power Plant, which has provided much of Lakeland its electricity for more than four decades, will soon be nothing more than a pile of rubble. 

On Saturday, the lion’s share of it is going to be imploded. The remainder is going to be demolished in March.

"You’ll feel it in your gut a little bit," said Frank Bodami of Total Wrecking and Environmental, which is doing the implosion. "Every time we do one, it is an adrenaline rush."

Lakeland Electric closed the coal-powered plant last year and started building a new one, powered by natural gas. It may also use new fuels like hydrogen according to spokesperson Catheryn Lacy.

The new plant will be built by 2024.

In the meantime, Lakeland Electric will continue to rely on electricity generated by its other plants and outside companies.

The city of Lakeland held an official farewell ceremony for the McIntosh plant at 7 a.m. on Saturday. The implosion happened at 8 a.m.