Missing Clayton Co. Mother, 5 Children Found Safe

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The mother of five who was reported missing along with her children has been found safe according to police.

Authorities in Clayton County issued a Mattie’s Call for Janee Dichier Ruffin-Cooper this weekend after she went missing. Police said they spotted her and her five children in strip mall in the 10000 block of Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro on Saturday morning. Authorities said someone at Big Ernie's Bait and Tackle shop reported the woman asked for help. She reportedly caught a taxi at that location and was possibly headed to a homeless shelter in the Atlanta area.

Police said Ruffin-Cooper walked away from her residence on Cypress Lane in Jonesboro on Saturday, and took her kids with her. According to family members and friends, they haven't had any contact with her since she left. Police said Mrs. Ruffin-Cooper has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, manic depression, paranoia and schizophrenia for which she needs medication, but they also said that it's been more than 24 hours since she took her required medication and she becomes violent when she's without it.

The woman's husband, Eugene Cooper, said he and his wife moved to Georgia with their children from Memphis, Tennessee a few weeks ago in search of better medical care for his wife. They are currently staying with Mr. Cooper's parents at their Jonesboro residence.   Mr. Cooper said his wife left the home with the children on foot around 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Mr. Cooper's parents told him his wife was gone when he returned home from work later that day. The family hasn't heard from her, and Mr. Cooper fears she may be in danger given her mental condition. He said she has disappeared before but usually turns up within a day or two.

Mr. Cooper said, "She doesn't have a cell phone, she doesn't have a car. We just moved here from Memphis, Tennessee and she doesn't know anyone so like I said I'm just concerned for the safety of the children as far as they don't have anything or anybody."

Authorities said she was found at a homeless shelter in Atlanta. Her children are safe with her.