Mons Venus security guard who stopped suspect from getting inside with a gun honored by Tampa police

He's the security guard who stopped a man wearing a devil mask from getting inside the Mons Venus with a gun back in March. 

Thursday, Manny Resto was honored by the Tampa Police Department for his heroic actions at the Tampa Convention Center. 

It was back in the early morning hours of March 19 when a man wearing a devil mask showed up at the Mons Venus in Tampa holding a gun. Resto, a former MMA fighter, made sure the suspect, who was identified as Michael Rudman, didn't get inside. 

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"I know why I was put on this earth," he said. "I know the good and bad things prepped me for that situation. I wasn't going to let him hurt all the people I cared about."

Resto wrestled the gun away, then picked it up and pointed it at Rudman, until they scuffled again. One round was fired into the door during the incident, but no one was hurt.

"I don't think about what could have happened," he said. "The bad effects. Everything happened the way I wanted it to happen."

Resto, who has been a security guard at the Mons Venus for 27 years, received a citizen medal of valor for his heroic actions back in March. 

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"Everyone has been showering me with nothing but praise and respect from the law enforcement community to the military community all across the nation and the world. And it's a good feeling," he said. 

The father of three has a new perspective on the fragility of life, especially after seeing so many mass shootings take so many lives, even just since the incident he is now famous for on March 19.

"I'm just doing my job and protecting the ones that I love. Just like I would do that for my three daughters. I would do that for anyone out in the street," Resto said.