Man who showed up to Mons Venus wearing devil mask, carrying gun being held without bond

The man investigators believe planned to shoot up popular Tampa gentleman's club Mons Venus won't be getting out of jail any time soon. He agreed to a no-bond hold during a court appearance Friday.

Michael Rudman's attorney told the judge, due to his client's previous resisting arrest charge in Pinellas County, holding a pretrial detention hearing in Hillsborough wasn't necessary.

"He has a resisting arrest charge, which has a no-bond in Pinellas County also," the public defender said. "We think the situation here, he’s not going anywhere anyway and, not only that, he needs to get some treatment. He previously did treatment with Corrections with Pinellas County and, now that I finally got those records last week, it is pretty clear that treatment fell off the wayside."

WATCH: Mons Venus security guard fights off man in devil mask trying to get into club with gun

Rudman is accused of wearing a devil mask and trying to bring a gun into the Mons Venus last week. He was stopped outside the business by a security guard who was able to knock the gun away and wrestle Rudman to the ground.

Police believe the guard may have prevented a mass shooting.

FOX 13 has learned that, prior to the Tampa incident, Rudman had 19 recorded interactions with the Clearwater Police Department. Officers were also notified Rudman had been seen wearing a devil mask at an apartment complex he used to own, but couldn't confirm the report.

Court records show he's been arrested at least four times in Pinellas County, including once in October when he was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer. His attorney indicated at least one of those arrests led to necessary mental health treatment that, at some point, was stopped.

Rudman's lawyer told the judge he believes jail is the right place for his client for now, because he is once again receiving treatment and doesn't have access to guns.

Rudman will have another chance to ask a judge to set bond at a later date.