New jury to decide on death penalty for convicted double murderer of Tampa couple

Convicted double murderer William Deparvine spent fifteen years on death row, and now he's back in a Tampa courtroom.

Deparvine, gets a do-over on his sentence. While his conviction stands, his death sentence was thrown out after the US Supreme Court ruled all death verdicts must be unanimous, and his wasn’t.

Now, a new jury has to decide whether he lives or dies. Prosecutor Michelle Doherty argue he deserves death, 

"These murders were committed in a cold, calculated, and premeditated way," she argued.

His public defender, Jamie Kane urged for life behind bars.

"You have very very limited reasons for death, but you have infinite reasons for life and that’s the way it should be," said Kane.

A jury convicted Deparvine of killing Tampa couple Richard and Karla Van Dusen 18 years ago. Prosecutor said it was all a ruse to steal the couples vintage Chevy pickup truck.

Their bodies were discovered off old Memorial Highway in November 2003 and 18 years later, the man who did it wants his life spared. The victim’s family members are expected to testify this week.