Nik Wallenda announces walk across active volcano

With a little more than seven weeks to prepare, Nik Wallenda is getting ready for his biggest challenge.

For his next highwire spectacle, Wallenda will traverse a live volcano.

"It’s always my goal to walk on the smallest cable possible that we can safely rig," he told FOX 13's Kimberly Kuizon. "I live by the words ‘never give up’ and I also live to inspire others to push themselves to be better and step out of their comfort zones."

It's a feat he dreamed up seven years ago while on vacation. On March 4, 2020, it will become a reality. Wallenda will walk over the Masa Volcano in Nicaragua. His walk will be broadcast live on ABC Network. 

"The winds are so strong in the area, the gases are thick. There are times and I’m training for this, I will have to put on a gas mask as I’m walking in order to breathe properly and cover my eyes with goggles because it actually burns your eyes as well as facing other elements, as well," he said. 

Training starts in his own backyard in Sarasota. While he's crossed Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon and the Chicago skyline, to name a few, this will be his most dangerous walk. 

"My wife has said this one really makes her nervous and not that they all don’t this one is just above anything I’ve ever attempted," he said. 

Spanning more than 1,800 feet, it'll be his longest and highest walk. With each step, Wallenda hopes to inspire others worldwide. 

"I believe everybody has their wire and they are all trying to get to the other side. If Nik Wallenda can make it, so can you," he said.