Nine-year-old who battled Leukemia as a toddler helping others battle cancer

For the seventh year in a row, Caroline Gallagher and her sister Charlotte served fresh squeezed lemonade to neighbors made with a special ingredient.

"Lemons, sugar water, and lots and lots of love," said Caroline

This little girl with a mission to make a big difference was inspired to start the stand after beating leukemia.

"When I was in the hospital, I had to go through a lot of treatment, shots, needles, IVs," said Caroline. 

Caroline was diagnosed when she was 18 months old. 

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Just six months later, her two-year-old cousin, Julia, was also diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer.  

Sadly, Julia lost her fight.

Caroline has been committed to making a difference to honor Julia and to support all childhood cancer warriors ever since.

"It was a Saturday afternoon kind of like this, actually, and she was young, and she said I want to have a lemonade stand for my friends at the hospital, to raise money to bring them toys and to make their stay more comfortable. So we said sure, everything we had in the house we threw together, and I think we made $54 the first year," said Charles Gallagher, Caroline's father. 

Each year, it got bigger and better.

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Now a full 501c non-profit called 'C&C lemonade factory,' the family hosts the event every summer.

The Rowdies, Rays, Lightning, and several local businesses all partnered with Caroline to help raise awareness.

Last year's stand raised $22,000.

"I know that I'm doing something good in the world, and it's just a blessing that I can help other people," said Caroline.

Proving that when life gave Caroline lemons, she used them to make lemonade