On Polk's 'wall of sheriffs,' some faces missing

If you were a fan of ‘Gunsmoke,’ you have something in common with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. And the high-profile sheriff is also a fan of remembering previous sheriffs of Polk County. But pictures of some of them are scarce. 

"It doesn't look like some of the past sheriffs liked having their picture taken as much as our current sheriff does, because we all know our sheriff loves to have his picture taken," laughed Carrie Horstman, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office. 

There are empty frames on a wall at Judd's office that honors past sheriffs – and he wants them filled. Judd suggested that Horstman and other staff members use social media to see if additional photos can be located. 

It didn't take long for information to start coming in. 

"We're already received a photo of Robert Kilpatrick, sheriff from 1884 to 1887."

Horstman says they are currently trying to get back to a woman with more information. 

"She says they've located three other sheriff's families," she added.

Here's a list of the past sheriffs whose photographs are needed: 

- William H. Durrance, 1861
- Stephen T. Watkins, 1862-1863
- Cincinnatus W. Deeson, 1863-1865
- Robert Wilkinson, 1865-1867
- Thomas Ellis, 1872
- Felix J. Seward, 1872-1873
- J. L. McKinney, 1874-1876
- Richard D. Peebles, 1876-1881
- Hiram D. Ballard, 1887-1897
- James N. Langford, 1919