One month and no leads in Seminole Heights murders

It has now been one month since the first person in a trio of southeast Seminole Heights murders was killed, and investigators explain they are still looking for leads as to who shot the victims and why.

FOX13 spoke with Angelique DuPree, Benjamin Mitchell’s aunt, who explained it's hard for her family to fully cope with his passing because of constant reminders throughout the neighborhood.

"The most hard part it's like we're not able to move forward from this," said DuPree. "There's no closure to it two every time you turn on the news or ride down the street you're reminded of it."

One of those reminders is a memorial which sits at the bus stop where Benjamin waited for his girlfriend back on October 9th. Before she could get there, a shooter took aim at the 21-year-old as he stood alone.

"Somebody has to know something there's no way that nobody can know anything a name a location or something," she said.

Investigators would later determine two subsequent murders of Monica Hoffa and Anthony Naiboa, would also tie into Benjamin’s killing. Tampa police released surveillance video of a someone walking the area the night Benjamin was shot,  but one month later there's still been no identification of the person in the video.

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"Why haven't they come forward?" asked DuPree.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan told FOX13 the investigation is still progressing with tips, but no one is giving names.

"We're narrowing things down but it's not moving as quickly as we'd like it's moving rather slow but we are able to eliminate things," said Dugan.

Mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn has been vocal in his dedication to find the killer. Officers have swamped the neighborhood and other precautions such as altered bus routes have all been enacted to better protect residents.

The reward for information on the case has increased to $41,000.