Our birth month may determine risk of disease

Some people use astrology as a guide to live their lives, and place great importance on when we were born.  The scientific community, on the other hand, sees it as pseudoscience at best. However, a recent study revealed that the month we are born in might determine the diseases we are susceptible to.

Researchers from the Columbia University Department of Medicine used statistical analysis to examine 1.75 million patients born between the years 1900 and 2000, and found that 55 diseases had a correlation with birth month.

The researchers found that October and November were associated with an increase in disease whereas February, March, April, May and July were associated with a decreased risk of disease. June, August, January, and December birthdays didn’t provide any real advantages or disadvantages either way.

Specific diseases also stood out in the study. For example, if you are born between September and December, you are more protected against cardiovascular diseases. Those born in October and November were more at risk for respiratory, reproductive, and neurological diseases.

Despite the data, researchers made clear that the risk related to birth month is minor compared to the effects of healthy living, diet, and exercise.

Watch the video to see why having a birthday around the holidays is the best.