Pampered pets at core of inventions featured at Zoo Convention

Many love their pets and also loving spoiling them, and now, there are some new products that can help you take care of them. 

Zoo Convention just wrapped up showing off the newest pet product inventions.  

Carmine Denisco, the president of the United Inventors Association stopped by the FOX 13 studios to show off some of the inventions.  

There’s a pet pasta, it’s a veterinarian formulated, ready to eat dog treat in the shape of pasta.  There are no by-products, no artificial preservatives and no additives.  

Then there’s the Spleash, it can attach to almost any leash and provide water to keep your dog hydrated.  

There’s also a dog travel bottle by Springer, it’s a water bottle that comes in different sizes to help give your dog water when they are out and about.  

And there’s Tooktake, it’s labels can stick on anything to help you keep track of your pet’s supplements or medication intake.