Pet owner searches for dog picked up by Lyft driver in St. Pete

A pet owner is searching for a Lyft driver who picked up his dog in St. Pete.

Jason Gell said his dog, named Mahi, somehow got out of his house around 1:15 a.m. early Saturday morning.

His neighbor's security camera showed the dog running loose in the street in the area of 13th Street NE and 40th Ave NE, when a driver who appears to work for Lyft spotted Gell's pet.

The driver could be seen in the video getting out and putting the dog in the back seat.

So far, Mahi has not been turned in to any area animal shelters, Gell said. 

He says Lyft will not give him any driver information.

Gell said he is still searching for the Lyft driver, or for anyone who took a Lyft in the area at the time his dog went missing.