Plant City woman with 0.219 BAC intentionally struck man with car, deputies say

It was a shocking scene Thursday night. Investigators say Alicia Belcher and her ex-boyfriend were driving on the interstate and got into a spat.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says Belcher pulled over. The man getting out and crossed to the other side of the busy highway.

We’re told the 38-year-old drove her pick-up truck across three lanes of traffic, plowing into her ex-boyfriend.

Multiple other drivers witnessed the violent attack. The calls to 911 reveal their shock.

Operator: 911 what is your emergency? 

Caller: Uh yeah I just watched a man get run over on I-4.

Caller: A guy was walking and she just like went behind him and hit him and ran over him.

Caller: This guy just came rolling out from under the truck and it didn’t look good.

Caller: He’s lying there; I think he’s dead.

Caller: It was kinda upsetting to see, and I can’t believe the person just kept driving.

First responders rushed to help the man left on the side of the road. Belcher took off, but one quick-thinking eyewitness was on her tail.

Caller: A lady just ran over a guy…. Going eastbound right before you enter 92.  I’m following her. I took the exit.

With his help, deputies were able to track the truck down about 9-miles away.

“When they took her into custody they immediately noticed that she was under the influence. They gave her some field sobriety tests, she also gave breath samples to our deputies and she was almost three times the legal limit,” Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Amanda Granit said.

She blew a .219, to be exact. Belcher was taken to jail where she’s being held without bond.

“It is incredibly dramatic and, I mean, nobody should be drinking this much,” Granit said.