Project Pride Sarasota walk Ringling Bridge with huge pride flag

There was a stunning display of love and acceptance in Sarasota on Saturday, as hundreds of walkers lit up the Ringling Bridge with their colorful presence in the form of a 700 ft long rainbow pride flag.

"It's 700 feet of progressive pride flag built by Project Pride Sarasota," said President Jason Champion. "Our community is coming out to celebrate, unite and support."

Jason Champion and his team helped organize the march after Florida leaders decided to light local bridges in only red, white and blue from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

The decision impacted several causes that are typically recognized through illuminating bridge lights like pride.

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"We decided to walk the flag this year because it's gonna be lighting the bridge in our own way," Champion added. "This is definitely in response to the 'freedom summer' and this is also a freedom of choice, freedom of expression and freedom of freedom. Here in Florida, we can do a little bit of everything and this representation matters."

Local advocates first took center stage to share words of encouragement for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies like Cindy Effron, who showed up happy to support.

"I'm a safe person I get you I understand you and I will always support you," Effron stressed. "That's what this means. It's really gratifying to see the level of support, and it's just magical to be under that flag."

As they raised it high and walked in unison - it served as a grand finale to a month of pride festivities across the Bay Area.

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