Puppies rescued after being abandoned inside closed suitcase at Tampa vacation rental

Side by side images show the suitcase (left) the puppies were found inside and an officer and volunteer petting them (right). (Credit: Humane Society of Tampa Bay)

Two Tampa police officers caught wind of a chorus of muffled squeals coming from a zipped-up Las Vegas-themed suitcase. When they opened it, they found six puppies inside.

Wednesday, the officers first discovered their mom, a Terrier-mix, and a puppy running around a neighborhood off Spruce Street and Dale Mabry Highway. Those officers were able to get them and bring the mother and pup to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Luckily, the officers returned to the scene after dropping them off.

They ventured outside a vacation rental in the neighborhood and noticed a closed suitcase. The officers quickly unzipped it and discovered six more puppies inside. 

Rescued pups sleeping and cuddling together in one small, adorable pile.

Rescued pups sleeping and cuddling together in one small, adorable pile inside their cage. (Credit: Humane Society of Tampa Bay)

"We are so grateful they returned to the scene to save these puppies," the Humane Society wrote in a Facebook post sharing the story. "Thank you TPD for taking care of these puppies and bringing them to us. It takes all of us to protect the animals in our community."

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Curious pups peer at camera. (Humane Society of Tampa Bay)

The officers returned to the shelter – with the suitcase – to drop off the five pups and reunite them with their mother and sibling. All seven puppies are five weeks old.

Tampa police are asking anyone with information on this incident to call them at 813-231-6130.

Credit: Humane Society of Tampa Bay