Sacramento Zoo welcomes the birth of critically endangered Sumatran orangutan

Workers at the Sacramento Zoo welcomed their newest resident when a critically endangered Sumatran orangutan gave birth to a healthy male on May 1. 

It's the first orangutan birth at the zoo since 1981. 

Zoo officials say the infant is healthy despite the mother, Indah, 19, having trouble with nursing. This prompted workers to intervene. 

"The baby is currently receiving around-the-clock care by animal care and veterinary staff while the team is continuously reevaluating plans to reunite the infant with Indah," the zoo wrote on Facebook. "The timeframe for reintroduction is unknown at this time, but that remains the ultimate goal."

Zookeepers say they have been working with Indah on helping her build her maternal skills by using positive reinforcement training. 

Video captured the moments the newborn was taken outside to enjoy a little sunshine and absorb some vitamin D, the zoo said. 

Janine Steele, Sacramento Zoo Animal Care Supervisor and Primate Keeper, said the birth was a milestone: "With only 79 Sumatran orangutans in human care in the United States, and populations of wild orangutans rapidly declining, every birth is a monumental success for the species."