Six passengers become ill aboard Tampa-bound flight

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Several passengers aboard a Tampa-bound plane became sick during their flight from Cleveland, airport officials say.

A Tampa Airport spokesperson confirms that six out of the 226 passengers aboard Tuesday’s Frontier Airlines flight 1397 became ill and began vomiting.

"There was a bunch of people that weren't feeling well, but then there were only so many that got really sick," passenger Dawn Cyhan said.

After landing in Tampa around 3:30 p.m., the ill passengers were removed from the plane to be evaluated but declined hospitalization.

The remaining passengers were held aboard the plane for about an hour before being cleared to leave. 

"They made an announcement that if you weren't feeling well within the next few hours, you were just to go to the ER," Cyhan said.

Cleveland Airport officials are looking into the possibility that drinking water from fountains in the Frontier concourse are to blame. The airport has shut off those water fountains while health officials investigate. 

So far, there have been no reports of passengers sickened on other flights out of Cleveland.