‘So proud of you’: Care team serenades young cancer patient to celebrate end of chemo

A beautiful video is going viral thanks to the heartwarming gesture made by the staff at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ian Bailey, 12, finished his last round of chemotherapy on Oct. 8.

In honor of Ian’s “huge milestone”, the care team sang a lovely rendition of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz.

At first, Ian was confused and asked “what is this” as the team entered the room with a guitar and maracas.

Once the team began to sing, Ian became emotional.

“We throw our hands up in the air today, saying ay-oh, no more chemo,” the team began to sing. “Go on and celebrate and live your life, saying ay-oh, no more chemo.”

As they continue to sing their special song, Ian can be seen fighting back tears.


Credit: Shannon Bailey via Storyful

“Go on, go on home and enjoy your life. We will miss you here, ‘cuz you’re dynamite. Go on and have some fun, ‘cuz you’ve fought your fight. We will miss you here.”

The song ends in cheers, hugs and tears for Ian. In a second video, Ian wipes his eyes before remarking that "I don't usually get teary but whoa."

“We are so proud of you,” a nurse says at the end of the video to more cheers of joy.

Shannon Bailey, Ian’s mother, share that the performance was invaluable and thanked the staff at the hospital.

“You all have HEARTS OF GOLD and show up onto the floor and make us feel every ounce of love and care even through what I can only imagine to be one of the most difficult jobs,” she told hospital officials.

“Ian is moving on to brighter days and starting Chapter 2,” his mother added.

Congratulations, Ian!