Tampa cheesecake company serving sweet treats of all sizes

Alysia Augustine is the owner of Augustine’s Cheesecakes in Tampa. She started the company with her husband, David in 2015.

Alysia says she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and David came from a family of cooks and bakers.

“He had a passion for baking. I had a passion for business and the two combined. Boom! You’ve got Augustine’s Cheesecakes,” says Alysia.

Their Cheesecakes come in 24 flavors and are baked in a smaller, single-serving size.

“When they are small, customers feel a little better about it. It’s a smaller portion, I can feel better about this,” says Alysia.

Augustine’s Cheesecakes are made fresh at Pro Kitchen Hub in Tampa.

Customers can order them online and pick them up at The Bakery Box at 5226 S Dale Mabry Hwy. every Thursday between noon and 6 p.m.