This St. Pete couple’s side hustle is literally a picnic

Every plate, and every decoration, every little detail: ‘The Picnic Boys’ have set the table.

Inspiration struck the St. Petersburg couple while watching an episode of ‘The Real Housewives.’ They were motivated by an elaborate picnic setup in a scene of an episode, and they took that idea and turned it into a business.

Ryan Winters and Jay Negron started The Picnic Boys as a side hustle to their day jobs in June. By September, it had blown up.

"Ryan’s very into décor, decorating for Christmas, and I come from a sales and marketing background in private events so we thought we would blend it together," Negron explained.

Their elaborate picnic setups fit any theme or any location, from someone’s backyard to the beach or Vinoy Park, where they did a setup for FOX 13.  

"We do proposals. We just did our first wedding. And we have a couple more coming up," Winters said. "Huge events, we can do up to 24." While their small idea has grown into a large business, they have kept their day jobs. That means some weeks they don’t get a day off, but they say it’s totally worth being a part of such special moments.  

"Having people cry. Having people say this is the best day of their life, just those special moments, it brings meaning to what we do. I wasn’t even expecting that." 

If you’re interested in purchasing a package from The Picnic Boys, they start at $250 for two hours. You can find them on Instagram @thepicnicboys

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