Go on a crabbing adventure with Captain Guy

On the intercoastal waterway is where you'll find Captain Guy, pulling crab traps during stone crab harvesting season, and you can go on the boat with him! He took FOX 13's Chip Brewster out on the water to pull some traps. Visit AMI Crabbing Adventures on Facebook for booking information.

Builders have come here for decades

It isn't just a lumber yard; it's where masterpieces are born -- a one-stop shop for building materials to help you create that perfect bookcase, coffee table, and much more. Chip Brewster stopped by the Anderson Lumber Company in St. Pete to see how they've been serving our community for decades.

Survivors in Sync

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to train at a world-class facility, and that’s especially true for anyone in Tampa Bay who’s interested in getting out on the water. Chip headed down to Nathan Benderson Park to meet a team with a special bond.

Rawk Star Café puts an emphasis on raw food

Along Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg, surrounded by a couple of art centers, you’ll find a restaurant that will serve you all the nuts and vegetables you can eat -- and it’s all raw.

Where therapy is a game

Using the strength of warriors and the power of wizards to make positive impacts on lives: That’s the idea behind Heroic Health Group. Matt Fahy came up with a way to use role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons to help young people tackle some big issues.

Meet 'Spirit,' the therapy unicorn

Over the holidays, a special miniature horse brought some joy to children and staff at hospitals around central Florida. The sneaker-sporting festive miniature horse is named Spirit; he and Brittany Beard are part of an organization called Unicorn Hugs.

Divers explain memorial's significance

Ten miles off the coast of Pinellas County is where Narcosis Scuba Center will bring you to dive underneath the Gulf’s surface – and pay a peaceful tribute.