Brady gets building-sized welcome to Tampa Bay

When Dr. Gregory Cobb, a lifelong Bucs fan, learned Tom Brady was coming to Tampa, he decided to welcome the celebrity quarterback with a massive mural in his honor. He enlisted the help of Eric “Esh” Hornsby, who's been painting since he could color, to make his vision come to life.

Fair food at the Fairgrounds

It may not be fair season, but you can still get your fix of food out at the Florida State Fairgrounds as part of the Fair Food Frenzy event.

Clearwater wants big ideas for big murals

The city of Clearwater is putting out a call to artists to create six new murals around downtown. They’re asking artists to consider Clearwater’s history or signature events as inspiration.

Summer camp continues at Nathan Benderson Park

When the start of the school year was pushed back three weeks in Sarasota County, summer break was extended. Places like Nathan Benderson Park added more summer camps, but as Chip Brewster shows us, their new ultimate camp isn’t just about being out on the water.

The show must go on

The Straz is finding new ways to help students improve their dancing skills during the summer. They're currently hosting the Next Generation Ballet, a ballet summer camp. It took a lot of planning and Zoom calls to figure out the logistics, but they made it work.

Building a butterfly garden

Do you have extra time on your hands because of COVID-19 or another reason? Kerby’s Nursery has a fun project you can start without even leaving the air-conditioned comfort of your own home

It's a circus with these giraffes in Bradenton

From alligators to manatees, we have some great animals here in the bay area. But did you know you can also see things like giraffes here? Ken Suarez headed to the Circus Hollywood in Bradenton to show us all of the animals they have.