Troopers search for hit-and-run driver

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24-year-old Dina Towers was walking east on South Southern Street in Lecanto, when a vehicle hit her and drove off.  She later died at the hospital.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers are looking for a dark green ATV.

Towers' neighbor, Cheri Robertson knows about deadly hit-and-run accidents. Her 22-year-old son, Matthew Howell, was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in April 2016 on U.S. 19.

Though a vehicle has been found, his killer is still out there.

"He's caused them a great deal of pain. No matter the situation. The family is going to go through a hard time. I'm doing that right now, so I get that.," said Robertson. "It's going to be a hard one. It's going to be hard. That's all I can say without breaking down on you."

Neighbors told troopers they recognized the sound of a familiar ATV just before the crash.  They heard it sputtering as it drove off. It may have a rack on the back and often drives without lights on.

In the ten days since, neighbors haven't seen it.

"They know what happened and they need to do what everyone else needs to do and come forward and do what you have to do," said Robertson.

Those who live near the crash site say they have seen Towers' loved ones coming out to tend to the memorial.  She is the mother of several children.

Those loved ones are on Robertson's mind.  "I still have children and grandchildren I have to be around for," said Robertson. "That's what you have to look at, stay around for them," she said.

Troopers say Crimestoppers may offer a reward to anyone who can identify the green ATV.