UFOs: TMZ explores videos, sightings ahead of Pentagon report release in 1-hour special

A flurry of recently released authenticated videos and documents detailing UFOs or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) sightings will be the center of a one-hour TMZ special airing on June 29.

The special will take a deep dive into the plausibility of the type of technology seen in some videos coming from the United States military or if other countries are creating these impossibly complex objects seen flying around in the sky.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin posited that if government officials cannot confirm who or what created the UFOs seen in recently leaked videos, "Then what can it be?" Levin asked.

"The Pentagon's report will be as important for what it doesn’t answer as what it does," said Levin. "The show is a process of elimination of sorts, taking theories off the table and seeing what we’re left with will undoubtedly be pretty amazing."


UFO seen in clip released by Department of Defense. A Pentagon watchdog is launching a probe into the actions taken by the Department of Defense after a series of UFO sightings in recent years. (Department of Defense)

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The special will also include a never-before-seen video of UFOs from the deck of a U.S.S. naval ship, as well as interviews with senators, military pilots, a Harvard scientist, former Pentagon officials and the two people who pushed the government to release information.

"We also spend time talking about an ongoing cover-up by the United States government," Levin said. "For some reason, not wanting to talk about what they know about this. The cover-up has been going on for 74 years. The Pentagon report is a big first step but there are issues with that as well and questions about how it was funded, how it was staffed and why there was some mysterious reassignments."

Levin refers to a highly anticipated report detailing the U.S. intelligence community’s knowledge of UFOs. The report is expected to reveal that officials are still unable to explain the movement of the mysterious objects. So far, U.S. officials have found no evidence that the objects are alien spacecraft.

Set to be presented to Congress later this month, the intelligence report concluded that most of the more than 120 documented encounters with so-called "unidentified aerial phenomena" were not related to futuristic U.S. government technology, the New York Times reported on June 3, citing senior administration officials with knowledge of the report.

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But the document may yield more questions than answers. The officials said that was "about the only conclusive finding" from the report, which does not definitively rule out the possibility that the sightings were alien spacecraft.

Intelligence officials purportedly note they have developed no clear explanation for the movement that military personnel have observed in the objects, such as rapid acceleration and an ability to submerge in water. The office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Defense Department compiled the report.

A portion of the report will remain classified. Officials told the Times the classified section does not contain any information concluding the existence of alien spacecraft, though they acknowledged that keeping part of the report hidden could prompt speculation otherwise.

The one-hour special will also get into finding retribution for those who have come out publically about UFOs and whose careers were damaged because they were labeled as non-credible and cast away by government officials who were covering up certain incidents for decades.

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"There are a lot of people who came forward, Pentagon officials, pilots, and many others who say that their careers have been adversely affected, some say their lives have been ruined by speaking out," Levin said.

"Interest in UFOs and extra-terrestrial life are at an all-time high," said Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials, of FOX Entertainment.  "They are history’s great unknown, and this special, led by Harvey and his team, will be a deep and far-reaching examination of the most up-to-date findings and evidence to try to answer one of the most vexing questions ever: ‘Are we not alone?’"

TMZ’s special will outline these topics and will discuss what to expect when it comes to UFOs in the coming years.

"What do you do from here, because most people we’ve spoken with say, this report is the beginning, not the end," Levin continued. "So where does the government go in studying this to figure out what is behind it."

"TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof" airs on June 29 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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