Adorable video shows Hillsborough shelter dogs excitedly choosing their new Christmas toys

These very good pups were clearly on Santa's nice list.

Shelter staff at Hillsborough County's Pet Resource Center received over 200 toys from a previous adopter, who stopped by with their shelter "alumna" Bindi.

The donated toys were a gift for the county's adoptable pets, so on Christmas Day, the shelter shared video where workers laid out all the toys in their play yard.

One by one, they brought out the dogs so they could choose their "new favorite toy."

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The first dog approached the pile of plushies cautiously, not sure what to make of the bounty as he sniffed around the perimeter. But soon his tail was wagging and he picked up speed as he continued exploring.

The next pups excitedly bounded into the yard, wasting no time choosing their new toys and even squeezing in a quick game of fetch with workers.

"While some were very selective with finding a new stuffed friend, others knew their pick right away!" shelter staff wrote.

The Pet Resource Center is the only open-admission shelter in Hillsborough County, and "accepts any pet regardless of space, age, breed, condition, or history."