Price spike could follow federal gas tax holiday, experts warn

At the highest levels of the U.S. government, suspending the national $.18-per-gallon tax on gasoline is being considered as a way to give struggling Americans some financial relief. Now economists are crunching the numbers to determine whether suspending the tax would help, hurt, or make no real difference. 

Questions remain over sudden death of Tampa attorney

Investigators still don't know exactly how 38-year-old Tampa attorney Lisa Westberry died earlier this month, when her teenage son found her lifeless body in their Ruskin home. The medical examiner says the case is under criminal investigation.

Massive warehouses along I-4 to bring big businesses, more jobs to Plant City

Two massive new warehouses along I-4 in Plant City could have far-reaching effects on the area's economy. City Furniture's expansive showroom, cafe, corporate offices and warehouse space will bring hundreds of new jobs, while Fortune 100 companies are reportedly eyeing the other location as a possible distribution facility.