Vigil held for couple killed in high speed wreck

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Before two vigils held for the man killed in a high speed wreck into a Tampa home late Wednesday night - his family is pleading with drivers to slow down.

"Being in a hurry is not going to get you anywhere," said a cousin of Diego Martinez, Demi Velazquez. "They pretty much passed away because they were going faster than they should have been going."

Martinez, 23, and his girlfriend, Kessiah Scaroni, 24, were killed when their car, that one witness estimated was traveling nearly 100 miles per hour, crashed into the ground floor of a home near MacDill, on West Main Street.

They had been on their way to a party.

"They were pretty much inseparable," said Velazquez.

For the rest of her life, his mother will regret the moment he walked out of the house.

"She feels guilty because she wanted to hug and kiss her son before he left," said Velazquez. "The last thing she told him was that he looked like a prince. He was wearing his sult.

Velazquez says Diego had been dating Kessiah for nine months.

He also leaves behind a four-year-old son.

"The family is suffering something unbearable," said Velazquez.

Velazquez says her family got word just after midnight, and rushed to find their bodies still at the scene.

That Diego has taken his final family picture, at 23, just seems wrong.

"We were really close," she said. "He was like a brother. We grew up together, we did a lot of things together. It just doesn't seem real."