Watch: Sneaky golden retriever takes advantage of neighbor's pool

A golden retriever was caught in the act when he scaled the fence to take a dip in the neighbor’s pool.

Video from Erin Farley in Lavallette, New Jersey, shows the moment her water-loving canine Zeppole stealthily climbed over and walked to the pool’s steps.

His mom yelled for him to come back, but Zeppole couldn’t resist.

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"He had gotten into the neighbor’s pool previously that weekend but we didn’t know how," Farley told Storyful. "This was the first time I caught it on camera."

"Our neighbors are lovely and think he is hysterical, thankfully," Farley said. "He is allowed to use the pool so I don’t know why he has to sneak over!

"I have tried to put up other blockers but he climbs over those too," Farley added.