Witness list hints at self-defense argument in theater-shooting case

Self-defense, not murder: That's what Curtis Reeves told detectives after he shot Chad Oulson to death inside a movie theater nearly two years ago.

We are getting the first look at the defense team's witness list, and it reveals an aggressive argument of self-defense.

Headlining the all-star witness list is retired FBI agent Bruce Koenig.  He's known for analyzing some of the most famous video and audio clips in history -- like the JFK assassination, President Nixon's Watergate tapes, video of the shooting of President Reagan, and the Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinski recordings.

Expect Koenig to break down the surveillance video in the movie theater shooting, frame by frame, for the jury -- from a cell phone and popcorn being thrown at Reeves to reeves firing the fatal shot that killed Oulson.

Attorney Anthony Rickman analyzed the video for FOX 13 last year.  "It shows Oulson in a position of dominance over reeves who is sitting back he then snatches the popcorn throws it and shots are fired."

Another high profile witness is Dr. Philip Hayden.  The retired FBI special agent teaches tactical and defensive concepts for law enforcement officers.

Expect Dr. Hayden to reconstruct the crime scene for the jury and explain why Reeves, a former Tampa police captain, felt his life was in eminent danger -- just as he told detectives right after the shooting.

Jamira Dixon is also on the witness list.  She made national headlines after the shooting by claiming Reeves lashed out at her a month before at the same theater.  But under oath, she changed her story.

Reeves is accused of shooting Oulson at a Wesley Chapel movie theater after a dispute over texting.  Before the shooting, Oulson -- who was on a date with his wife -- claimed he was texting with his daughter.

Reeves' attorney disputes that, saying the texts were explicit, and they plan to reveal their contents at trial.