Buccaneers hold their own personal training camp

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Skyway field is full of NFL players from around the league during the summer off weeks. Many players make an annual trip to Tampa to work with former Bucs wide receiver Yo Murphy, now with the Applied Science and Performance Institute.

The group is made up mainly of Buccaneers, including team captain Ali Marpet, who prefers to sweat it out under the scorching Florida sun.

"Training in Tampa kind of gets you used to what the training camp practices are going to be like, Bucs left guard Ali Marpet told FOX 13's Kevin O'Donnell. "It's been rough all week and all summer really, but that's indicative of what it's going to be like during training camp."

Working alongside Marpet is Bucs outside linebacker Carl Nassib, Demond Harris, and a bunch of former Bucs. They say it's a great opportunity to bond with teammates and other players from around the league. 

"It's kind of funny because half of the players played here in Tampa and came back here to train because it's a phenomenal place to train," said Marpet. "It's a phenomenal facility at ASPI. It's really great working out with other guys."

This year NFL players have seven weeks off from the end of mini camp and training camp. Marpet believes it is very important to get a break from NFL facilities.

"Fourth of July I have a family reunion in Ohio," said Marpet. "But most of my taking a break is in January and February. This is the time I'm mostly training."

Marpet and the rest of the Bucs still have a lot of time before training camp. Veterans report on July 25. Marpet is enjoying this break, but he is excited about the season ahead.

"Bruce [Arians] has said it, that we want the Super Bowl," said Marpet. "That's always the expectation. That's always the goal."