Rays' Robertson supports teen hospitalized after jump from bridge

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After making history with the first ever walk-off grand slam for the Rays, Daniel Robertson met with a hospitalized teen at John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

“He ended up hitting the grand slam we all went crazy screaming and my mom was like we're shh we're in a hospital,” said Joey Johnston.

And less than 90 minutes later: “I look to the door next thing I know Daniel Robertson walks in,” Johnston said.  “He's like I did that for you bud,” he said.

The meeting was motivation for Joey.  He’s been in the hospital since July 8th after a fateful leap with friends off a tall bridge in Pinellas County.

Just completely over rotated I knew as soon as I jumped it wasn't going to end well I landed on my back,” he said.

The 65-foot drop left him with broken bones in his neck and back.  The soon to be Alonzo High sophomore wants others to learn from his mistake.

“It is serious it’s not a joke, heights like that the water turns into concrete,” Johnston said.

Meanwhile, Robertson’s heroics didn’t end Sunday night.

Monday, he homered again and flashed a “prayers for Joey” bracelet to the cameras.

“Wearing his bracelet showing it on TV after he hit another home run this is bordering on movies Hollywood type stuff,” said Joey Johnston, the boy’s father.

“That's just so motivational for me that touches my heart to have him care and reach out to me,” Joey said.