New lawsuit challenges Florida's transgender athlete ban

A 13-year-old Broward County soccer player and her parents are challenging a new state law that bans transgender female athletes from participating on girls’ and women’s sports teams, arguing that it is unconstitutional and “ignores basic medical science” about trans students.

Emails show Trump pressured DOJ over 2020 election results

The emails, released Tuesday by the House Oversight Committee, reveal in new detail how Trump, his White House chief of staff and other allies pressured members of the U.S. government to challenge the 2020 election over false claims.

DeSantis signs bill broadening ban on local gun regulations

Gov. DeSantis has signed a new bill that broadens an existing Florida law, which can make local governments pay as much as $100,000 in damages if they are sued for imposing gun regulations that are stricter than state firearms laws.

Delaware County man sentenced for casting dead mother's ballot

A Delaware County man will not be allowed to vote for the next four years after he pled guilty to unlawful voting and perjury charges brought against him for casting a mail-in ballot for his dead mother in the 2020 election, county officials said Friday. 

Florida House backs controversial elections changes

With two days left to reach agreement with the Senate, the Republican-controlled Florida House on Wednesday approved a major elections package that includes placing additional restrictions on voting by mail.

Florida House passes bill to ban abortions based on disability

Florida doctors would be banned from performing abortions if they know, or should have known, the woman was ending her pregnancy because of a test or diagnosis that the fetus will be born with a disability, under a bill passed by the House on Friday.