Thursday morning forecast

Meteorologists Dave Osterberg and Tony Sadiku offer the latest on today's forecast and what's next for Hurricane Ian.

Tuesday forecast

Meteorologist Dave Osterberg says today is really the last full day to prepare your home before the arrival of Hurricane Ian.

Tropical Storm Ian evening update: September 26, 2022

FOX13’s Chief Meteorologist Paul Dellegatto says it’s ‘all signs go’ when it comes to Tropical Storm Ian. He says the storm will enter a spot in the northwest Caribbean Sea Sunday night and Monday morning with very warm water and very light shear, which means there is nothing to stop Ian from rapidly intensifying. Dellegatto says the big questions are what position the storm will take and what structure it will have as it near the Florida coast late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Dellegato says he will not be surprised if a Hurricane Watch is issued for a portion of Florida on Monday. The models show Tropical Storm Ian running parallel with the state, which is not good news for Florida because it increases the storm surge risk.