'Little Midway' is a sweet spin-off from Bern's

South Tampa has a new sweet spot and it's called Little Midway.

While it's brand new, it's actually 65 years in the making. Bern and Gert Laxer are famous for creating Bern's Steakhouse, arguably one of Tampa's most popular restaurants. But before the steakhouse, the Laxers had a sandwich shop on Cass Street called Little Midway.

This new dessert shop pays homage to that first cafe, and is a place where you can get as close to that famous Bern's dessert room, without going to Bern's. They make their own ice cream here -- and they also make it for Bern's.

You can get many dessert room favorites here, but there are also several new creations. It's located across the street from Bern's at 1205 South Howard Avenue, next to the Epicurean Hotel.

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LINK: Learn more about Little Midway by heading to their website