Local organization offers foster children 'A Reel Future'

A day out on the calm gulf waters can relax even the most stressful minds.

"It's like a good feeling, calm, relaxing, no stress, nothing to worry about," said Jerell as he walked onto The Gypsy II charter boat.

Jerell and his sister Carrie soaked up every moment of their ride -- a welcomed break from their busy life at the Florida Sheriff Youth Ranch.

"I'm just hoping that we catch a lot. I personally think there's nothing better than fishing," said Jerell's sister, Carrie . 

Misty Wells agreed, and it's exactly why she started the non-profit organization, A Reel Future four years ago. Her program teaches Bay Area foster children about fishing and the great outdoors. And their classroom is a charter boat on the bay with one spectacular view.

"I want the kids to have a great day out on the water and have a really cool experience that they can remember for the rest of their lives," said Misty.

And just like every fish in the water, every child that comes on her boat is different. 
"A lot of these kids come on the boat and they may or may not want to be here because they've just been through so much and there's a lot of disappointment," said Misty. "But the minute they catch their first fish everything changes. They're kids again."

Sometimes all it takes is one catch and they're hooked!

And in between all the fishing fun, a lifetime of lessons are taught.  Their patience is tested as they wait for that one fish to bite and with every catch and release they are taught how to let go.
"They get to forget about their troubles and get to have an experience that a lot of kids in foster care rarely get to have," Misty said. "It is really rewarding."

Learn more about the organization by visiting their website: www.areelfuture.com.