4 ways to feel better after eating too much sugar

Did you go a little overboard eating treats this holiday season? If you’re coming down off a sugar high or you’ve got a stomach ache, here are 4 ways to feel better after a little too much sugar.

1. Help yourself to another snack-- that’s probiotic. A study from Oregon State University showed that the “bad” bacteria in your gut feeds on sugar-- which can negatively affect cognitive function. Yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha will all help replenish the “good” bacteria.

2. Eat some protein and fiber. These slow digesting nutrients will help stabilize your blood sugar. You’ll feel less hungry and curb your cravings for more sugary treats. We suggest hummus and veggies, an apple and nut butter, or a hard boiled egg with a side of pistachios.

3. Hit the yoga mat. There are 2 benefits. Moving your body helps your digestion and it helps you deal with stress. Being less stressed also means being better at dealing with sweet temptations.

4. Prep a healthy meal. You’ve had a sweet treat, now come up with a plan for the next day that will nourish you-- and make healthy eating incredibly convenient. 

Tomorrow is a fresh start. And remember, you can still treat yourself, just do it in moderation.