Accused murderer says DNA evidence from supposed murder weapon will exonerate him

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Murder defendant Erin Robinson and his former attorney, Jenny Marie Thomas split ways Tuesday morning.

Thomas told the judge Robinson can no longer afford her fees.

She says Robinson's misfortunes have been piling up since he was released on bond.

"He was in an accident [and] broke his leg. He is homeless. He doesn't have a vehicle. He's lost his job," explained Thomas.

Topping his list of troubles, Robinson faces murder charges that could send him away for decades, if convicted.

It was August 2014, prosecutors say Robinson beat a man to death with a rock because he believed the victim was flirting with his girlfriend.

He claimed self-defense, accusing the victim of throwing the first punch.

However, a judge denied him immunity under Florida's 'stand your ground' law.

Robinson is convinced DNA testing on the rock and other items could set him free, but Thomas said Robinson cannot afford to pay for the testing.

"There is a sufficient basis to believe that some of that evidence... would tend to exonerate Mr. Robinson and the state's just chose not to test it," explained Thomas.

Prosecutor Justin Diaz quickly fired back.

"The allegations made by Ms. Thomas here about the DNA testing, I don't agree with any of that," said Diaz.

Robinson's trial has now been delayed and the judge appointed a Hillsborough County public defender to take over the case.