Another rolling rally for Confederate flag

The number of pro-Confederate flag rallies is increasing in the Tampa Bay area.

For at least the third time in a week, grassroots groups cited "southern pride" as they paraded the Confederate flag from Plant City to Lakeland.

"This is a southern heritage; this isn't hate," said Miranda McSorley. "I am going to show my support for it. I believe it in 110 percent, so does she, so does she, and apparently so do all these other people here."

Before they set sail down Route 92, about a hundred gathered at a Walmart, partly to protest Walmart after they stopped selling the Confederate flag when nine Americans in Charleston were killed in a church.

Several insisted the flag can heal, and hoisted it next to an American flag.

"It is USA and freedom," said Junior Decker. "People just don't get the point."

More similar rallies are planned for this weekend, while others were held last week in Brandon.

The NAACP says the developments are deeply concerning and that they are considering their options for a response.

"Lately, everyone said we have come so far," said the Vice President of the Hillsborough County NAACP Natasha Goodley. "I think all of this shows that we still have such a long way to go in this country."

The NAACP said those who fly the flag haven't done nearly enough to distance themselves from the Charleston shooting or other hate crimes.

"I would say I am sorry for what they did in the past," said McSorley. "We are the future. Why should we be punished for what they did?"

The bid to fly the flag was briefly interrupted by Walmart security who asked them, and FOX 13, to leave private property.

In the end, they say, nothing can stop them from making their point.

"I have plenty, plenty of black friends," said McSorley. "I actually have black family, I am not a racist. It is southern heritage to me."

Rallies are planned for this weekend in Plant City, which they expect to be much larger.

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