Astra-Zeneca admits to a mistake that leads to another global trial

AstraZeneca is acknowledging a mistake with the dosage in its highly-touted vaccine trial announced Monday. AstraZeneca announced that two groups of participants got different amounts of the first dose. Some mistakenly got half a dose, the others got the intended full one.
However, the ones that got the half dose were found to be 90 percent safe from COVID-19. Those that got the full dose were only 62 percent safe.
AstraZeneca says it's not sure why those getting the smaller dose were safer during the trial.

Florida's governor said Wednesday that those with the biggest need will be given priority.
He says Floridians in long term care facilities and front line health care workers will hopefully start being vaccinated in December.

AstraZeneca must now go back to the FDA to explain why the mistake happened before they can use the smaller dose on US trial participants.